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  • Well-intentioned, but ill-defined: The government’s counter-extremism strategy
  • The Marriage Files: The purpose, limits and fate of marriage
  • Named person scheme may have a negative impact and place children at risk, say Police Scotland
  • Woman’s Hour on the importance of marriage
  • Does ‘doing the right thing’ now mean both parents working full-time?
  • ‘Worse health, lower life satisfaction, and higher crime rates later in life’ – the legacy of childcare in Quebec
  • Contraceptive implants, injections and the pill present risks to underage girls
  • ‘Sex in Class’: Channel 4 documentary shows direction of travel in sex education
  • PSHE: Government signals no change in law, but wants to ‘go further’
  • No Differences? How Children in Same-Sex Households Fare
  • The Body Wars: Why body dissatisfaction is at epidemic proportions and how we can fight back



Well-intentioned but ill-defined

Norman Wells reflects on the government's counter-extremism strategy

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The Meaning of Marriage

In this booklet, Sharon James sheds considerable light on the current debate on marriage by setting it in the wider context of a sexual revolution that has been raging for the past 50 years.


Publication: A Brief History of Marriage

Wide-ranging and varied in style, A Brief History of Marriage includes references to marriage customs, laws and policies through the ages, alongside extracts from love letters and quaint and homely tips given to husbands and wives in bygone days.

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