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The Trouble with Teens and ‘transphobia’

Before I had my own kids, it was easy to be self-righteous and pronounce judgement on parents whom I presumed to be making bad decisions. On seeing a crying toddler bribed with a bag of crisps or a baby in a buggy smeared with chocolate, I’d say to myself, “When I’m a mum I’ll never …

Summer Bulletin 2021 Out Now!

Welcome to the summer bulletin! It’s great that we actually have some summer weather to coincide with this edition, and we hope that all our supporters are getting an opportunity to enjoy the splendid sunshine while it lasts! Whatever the British weather has in store, we are delighted to be able to say with confidence …

Proud Trust pro-trans materials being used in schools

We have been in touch with parents about this poster being displayed in schools. We are concerned about this blatant promotion of gender questioning as it is indoctrination of children. Parents have a right to object to this sort of material being used in their child’s school. Safe Schools Alliance has published the following advice, …