What we do

Our activities can be summed up in four words: informing, educating, influencing and supporting.


We publish books, factsheets and leaflets on a broad range of family-related issues. We also publish a newsletter four times a year, which gives information about parliamentary debates, bills going through parliament and recent research findings.

Our materials are used by parliamentarians, local councillors and policymakers, and are a helpful point of reference for our supporters when they take up issues with their MP and when they write letters to their local newspapers or take part in radio phone-in discussions.


We produce educational materials and online resources for use in schools that highlight the physical, emotional and social benefits of marriage for stable family life and the welfare of children and young people.


We aim to influence the public policy debate in line with the research evidence by:

  • Responding to government consultations and inquiries
  • Engaging in dialogue with government ministers and officials
  • Briefing MPs and peers
  • Speaking out in the national press and media


We are always ready to assist parents, teachers and school governors in their quest for accurate information and to provide guidance and practical support to enquirers facing particular challenges at a local level.

How we began…