Proud Trust pro-trans materials being used in schools

We have been in touch with parents about this poster being displayed in schools. We are concerned about this blatant promotion of gender questioning as it is indoctrination of children. Parents have a right to object to this sort of material being used in their child’s school.

Safe Schools Alliance has published the following advice, and suggests parents contact Ofsted using the specific form listed below.

This poster undermines safeguarding and misrepresents the law:
  1.  Nobody is ‘given a gender at birth’, sex is observed and recorded.
  2. Transgender, non-binary, gender, gender questioning are not protected characteristics in the Equality Act. Gender reassignment and Sex are.
  3. Nobody has the right to compel the speech of others.
  4. Hiding the sex of anybody in a school setting is a clear breach of safeguarding.
  5. Children and staff have the right to single sex facilities such as toilets, changing rooms and overnight accommodation. Members of the opposite sex do not have the right to demand access to these.
  6. What are the safeguarding arrangements for this 1-2-1 support being offered? We have been contacted by parents detailing serious safeguarding concerns with 1-2-1 support from external providers.

If your school is using this poster please contact Ofsted. You can also complain to the school governors and the Local Authority.

Ofsted have advised us that you should use this form: