Sex education or indoctrination?


SEX EDUCATION OR INDOCTRINATION? How ideology has triumphed over facts, by Valerie Riches, 2004, xiv + 79pp Price: £5.00.



In their efforts to reduce the rate of teenage pregnancy, successive governments have relied on a combination of sex education and contraceptive services. Yet the UK remains in the unenviable position of having the highest teenage pregnancy rates in Western Europe and STI rates among the young are now universally recognised as having reached ‘crisis’ proportions. Despite the repeated failure of government-funded schemes to meet their targets, the present government’s teenage pregnancy strategy is doggedly persisting with the same flawed approach.

Few parents are aware of the extent to which sex education in schools has become an ideological battlefield on which war is being waged for the hearts and minds of their children:

In Sex Education or Indoctrination? Valerie Riches traces the historical and philosophical roots of the sex education lobby. She shows how sexual activity was first separated from childbearing, and subsequently from marriage. Then, even more insidiously, parents have been systematically eliminated from decisions that vitally affect their children’s lives.

This book carries a message that every parent needs to hear, about the way in which sex education is being used as a manipulative tool to replace the influence of parents with the authority of the state.