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Children’s Commissioner would not serve the best interests of England’s children

As the Joint Committee on Human Rights publishes its ‘Case for a Children’s Commissioner for England’ later today, Family Education Trust registers its concern that the establishment of such a statutory office would not serve the best interests of children, but would rather operate as a vehicle to advance a radical ‘children’s rights’ agenda, undermining …

Lessons from low teenage pregnancy rates in the Netherlands

The lessons to be learned from the extremely low Dutch teenage pregnancy rate should be applied to the UK government’s teenage pregnancy strategy, according to a new report from the Family Education Trust. This will entail cutting benefits for teenage mothers and strengthening the family. Deconstructing the Dutch Utopia, by Dutch sociologist Joost van Loon, …

Playing Russian Roulette with Sexual Health

Too much faith is placed in condoms as a means of improving the nation’s sexual health, according to the Family Education Trust. In a new factsheet, which is being mailed to all secondary schools in the UK this week, Trevor Stammers warns that reliance on condoms could actually increase the number of unwanted pregnancies and …