Questions kids ask about sex


QUESTIONS KIDS ASK ABOUT SEXHonest answers for every ageEdited by J Thomas Fitch, 2007 £12.00,


After an introductory section encouraging parents to develop strong relationships with their children so that their home is a place where children will want to ask questions, the second section contains seven age-related chapters giving answers to specific questions that children may ask at different stages. Recognising that healthy sexuality and character development are intricately intertwined, the text is interspersed with boxes entitled ‘Character Builders’ offering practical suggestions for nurturing qualities such as self-discipline, honesty, loyalty, unselfishness, respect, self-control and modesty. Sexual intimacy is set within the context of a faithful lifelong marriage throughout. Addressing parents, the publisher writes, ‘Since sexual images saturate today’s culture, children will learn about sex somewhere, but research shows that they want to learn it from you.’ This book is a valuable resource to assist with that task.