Child rearing for fun


CHILD REARING FOR FUNTrust your Instincts and Enjoy your Childrenby Anne AtkinsZondervan, 2004, 288pp


Written in Anne Atkins’ customary pithy and humorous style, this book is intended to instil fresh confidence in parents as the real experts in raising their children: ‘The professional may know more about children, but only you know your children. When it comes to rearing children, it is we, the parents, who are the real experts; the amateurs, trained by experience, motivated by devotion, labouring for love.’

While remaining sensitive to those bringing up children single-handedly, Mrs Atkins places a strong emphasis on the importance of a stable, secure marriage as one of the greatest assets parents can give their children: ‘Get married, stay married, and we are giving our children the best possible advantage in life.’

She has no qualms about advocating smacking as ‘one of the least acrimonious punishments on the statute books’ and brings some old-fashioned and thought-provoking common sense to subjects as varied as working with professionals, television and computers in the home, mealtimes, boredom and underachievement, chivalry and family traditions.