Broken homes and battered children


BROKEN HOMES & BATTERED CHILDREN by Robert Whelan 1994, 96pp Price: £6.50 (rrp £7.50),


There has been a high level of public and governmental concern about the apparent increase in child abuse. This research answers the important question – which family type carries the lowest risk of child abuse? It shows the correlation between incomplete or broken families and child abuse. Against all that we hear from the media, the evidence concludes that a married family is the safest environment in which to rear children. It is 20 times more dangerous for a child if the natural parents cohabit rather than marry. It is 33 times more dangerous for a child to live with its natural mother and her boyfriend rather than with natural parents in a marriage relationship. These and other important findings have been shown to be highly relevant in America , where the research is much in demand.