Controversial Scotland hate crime bill voted through by MSPs

The Scottish Government has passed its controversial Hate Crime Bill despite concerns being raised over its impact on freedom of speech. The new legislation creates a criminal offence of “stirring up hatred” against protected groups, on the grounds of religion, sexual orientation, age, disability and transgender identity. It expands on a similar race crime law …

Bulletin180: Winter 2020

Welcome to our Winter Bulletin! We hope you enjoy reading it and look forward to receiving any comments or questions about the concerns raised in this issue. Please email any comments to our Communications and PR Officer In this issue… A Dark Day for Parents in Scotland In November, the Scottish courts passed a …

Bulletin179: Autumn 2020

In this issue… The ‘effective abolition of the marriage vow’. No-fault divorce finally becomes law Schools can postpone implementation of Relationships Education and Relationships and Sex Education…Plus a new resource that you should know about Patriots: The Untold Story of Ireland’s Pro-Life Movement Commit or Quit: The ‘Two Year Rule’ and other Rules for Romance …

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