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Unprotected: How the normalisation of underage sex is exposing children and young people to the risk of sexual exploitation

A new report by Norman Wells

The appalling revelations of systematic child abuse and exploitation in English towns and cities over the past few years have led to a considerable amount of soul-searching about the root causes of the crisis. This report draws attention to a neglected but critical aspect of the debate. It draws together the findings of a series of serious case reviews and an independent inquiry looking at the reasons why the abuse of so many young people was not picked up by professionals.

The report is utterly damning. A clear picture emerges of a culture in which underage sexual activity has come to be viewed as a normal part of growing up and seen as relatively harmless as long as it is consensual. It becomes clear that current approaches aimed at improving teenage sexual health have frequently facilitated and perpetuated the sexual abuse of vulnerable young people.

RESPONSE – Youth Matters green paper

  Download pdf Summary We welcome the government’s recognition of the key influence of parents on young people’s lives and that both parents and teenagers want greater parental involvement. We also welcome the acknowledgement that too often services fail to take proper account of the role of parents. However, we are concerned that statements about …

Publication – The Sober Truth

  Written for young people, The Sober Truth presents accurate information on alcohol in an attractive and accessible format. In straightforward language, it refers to twelve ways in which alcohol misuse causes serious problems for teenagers, their families and society as a whole. The leaflet also explains what alcohol is and how it affects the …