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Publication – Deconstructing the Dutch Utopia

Download pdf report in full Download pdf factsheet, Lessons in Dutch Mythology For many years, extravagant claims have been made about the nature of sex education in the Netherlands, and its relationship to the low teenage pregnancy rate in that country. The British government’s teenage pregnancy strategy places great emphasis on the role to be …

Publication – Sex Education or Indoctrination?

How ideology has triumphed over facts   by Valerie Riches 2004, xiv + 79pp Price: £5.00   In their efforts to reduce the rate of teenage pregnancy, successive governments have relied on a combination of sex education and contraceptive services. Yet the UK remains in the unenviable position of having the highest teenage pregnancy rates in …

Publication – What is Love?

While the advocates of compulsory sex education frequently speak about ‘relationships’, ‘feelings’ and ‘emotions’, they invariably fail to draw a distinction between true love and its counterfeits. In an attractive and accessible format What is Love? explains that true love is not to be confused with infatuation, lust or mere physical attraction. While feelings will …