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Bulletin 176: December 2019

– General Election 2019: The parties and the family – Conservative Party – Labour Party -Liberal Democrat Party – Scottish National Party – Plaid Cymru – Green Party – UK Independence Party – Brexit Party – Gender identity and sexual orientation to feature in Census for first time – Countdown to September 2020 – All About Me Relationships Education programme mired in controversy – All About Me – why the fuss? – All About Me and the right of parental withdrawal – A ‘shameful day’ for Northern Ireland – Consultation on a new legal framework for abortion services in Northern Ireland – Social engineering and the BBC – John Humphrys on transgender issues – Concerns mount over transgender ideology – Hold On to Your Kids: Why Parents Need to Matter More Than Peers – Association between adolescent use of contraceptive pill and depressive symptoms – ‘Unpopular, illiberal and unworkable’ named person scheme scrapped – Equipped for Equality – AGM & Conference 2020

Bulletin 175: August 2019

– Divorce Bill cheapens marriage by allowing unilateral divorce on demand without giving a reason – Public consultation response ignored – ‘laughable’ and ‘deeply worrying’ – The consequences of viewing marriage as an individualistic arrangement – Children’s mental health issues, the ‘thinking chair’ and abortion campaigns: news from Northern Ireland – Gender identity and the welfare of children – Challenging trans ideology in schools and elsewhere – Where is the dividing line between Relationships Education and Relationships and Sex Education? – Home education and the threat to parental freedoms – Policing the family: The ‘new class’ and the obsession with early intervention – Marriage and divorce in the liberal imagination – What is society’s interest in marriage? – Speaking up for true marriage – World Congress of Families, Verona 2019 – A few books available from Family Education Trust

Bulletin 174: May 2019

– AGM and Annual Conference – Consultation responses show major disquiet over government sex education plans – ‘Exceptional circumstances’ and the parental right of withdrawal from RSE – The sinister agenda behind the Birmingham ‘No Outsiders’ programme – Countdown to Statutory RSE – Smacking bans proposed for Wales and Scotland – Review of the Family Test – Government consultation on a compulsory register of ‘children not in school’: Just a list of names or Trojan Horse? – Home educators at risk of being forced to conform to state-approved model in the name of ‘equality’ – New guidance documents on elective home education – Government plans to legislate for no-fault divorce – DfE: Schools must engage more with parents – Call for parental notification law – Betty, Lady Grantchester (1925-2019)

Bulletin 173: February 2019

– The lifelong medical, psychological and emotional implications of using puberty blockers to treat gender dysphoria – Gender: Self-declaration defies logic – Making work pay for low-income families
– The Value of Unpaid Work – How relativistic sex education is undermining the moral development of young people – What young people need to know about intimate and sexual relationships
– Sex Matters: How Modern Feminism Lost Touch with Science, Love, and Common Sense – The New Politics of Sex: The Sexual Revolution, Civil Liberties and the Growth of Government – Home Schooling and Home Education: Race, Class and Inequality – Father departure and children’s mental health
– Same-Sex Parenting Research: A Critical Assessment – What does the research on same-sex parenting tell us? – Government escalates plans to extend civil partnerships to opposite-sex couples – AGM & conference – Dr John Guly (1927-2018)