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Name SKU Price Thumbnail Image Description Update
Sex education or indoctrination? 108 £5.00 SEX EDUCATION OR INDOCTRINATION? How ideology has triumphed over facts by Valerie Riches 2004, xiv + 79pp Price: £5.00 Product Details
Waking up to the morning-after pill 107 £5.00 Waking Up to the Morning-After Pill documents how the emergency pill came to be vigorously promoted among children and young people, to the extent that three-fifths of Primary Care Trusts are now prepared to insist on its supply to girls under the age of Product Details
The Other 3R's 106 £25.00 £25.00 for complete set of nine modules, or download for free. Product Details
Unhealthy Confusion 104 £3.00 The impact of the Healthy Schools Programme on sexual health messages in our children’s education Unhealthy Confusion reveals how the Healthy Schools Programme is being used as a vehicle to impose a liberal and permissive type of sex education on pupil Product Details
Too much, too soon 102 £2.50 Sex education is an ideological battlefield on which a war is being waged for the hearts and minds of children. Behind the innocuous-sounding words used by the sex education lobby, there is a definite agenda at work to undermine the role of parents and to Product Details
A brief history of marriage 101 £0.00 In twelve short chapters, experienced educator John de Waal traces the history of marriage from the ancient world of Egypt, Greece and Rome down to the present day. Product Details
The sober truth 100 £0.15 Accurate information on alcohol in an attractive and accessible format. In straightforward language, The Sober Truth explains what alcohol is and how it affects the brain, and offers practical tips to help young people develop responsible attitudes toward Product Details
Sex education in primary school 054 £0.15 This short leaflet dispels some of the most common myths about sex education in primary schools in order to put parents, teachers and school governing bodies in pos Product Details
What is love? 036 £0.15 In an attractive and accessible format What is Love? explains that true love is not to be confused with infatuation, lust or mere physical attraction. While feelings will certainly be present, true love is characterised by commitment, faithfulness, persev Product Details
Why the government's teenage pregnancy strategy is destined to f 019 £0.50 WHY THE GOVERNMENT'S TEENAGE PREGNANCY STRATEGY IS DESTINED TO FAIL 2002, 20pp Price: 50p (originally £1.00)Free Download A survey of teenage pregnancy strategy documents produced by twenty-three authorities in different parts of England finds a univer Product Details
Experiments in living - The fatherless family 018 £0.00 EXPERIMENTS IN LIVING: THE FATHERLESS FAMILY by Rebecca O'Neill 2002 20pp Download for free. Product Details
How do fathers fit in? 017 £0.00 This fact sheet explores the important role of fathers in nurturing their children's development. Designed for use in PSHE for key stages 3/4. Free Download Product Details
The facts behind cohabitation 016 £0.00 This fact sheet, based upon Patricia Morgan's book Marriage-Lite, considers how cohabitation differs from marriage. Designed for use in PSHE for key stages 3/4. Free download Product Details
Lessons in Dutch mythology 012 £0.15 Lessons in Dutch mythology, 2003, 4pp Price: £1.50 for 10 copies; £3.00 for 25 copies. Or download for free. Product Details
Deconstructing the Dutch utopia 010 £0.00 For many years, extravagant claims have been made about the nature of sex education in the Netherlands, and its relationship to the low teenage pregnancy rate in that country. The British government's teenage pregnancy strategy places great emphasis on th Product Details
Respect begins at home 009 £0.00 Why the government needs to show parents more respect In an effort to raise public awareness of the various ways parents are being undermined by public policy and to embolden parents to take more responsibility for their children, Family Education Trust h Product Details
Sexual spin 008 £0.15 Sorting fact from fiction about sexually transmitted infections Sexually transmitted infection (STI) rates in the UK continue to climb inexorably in spite of increasing condom provision and education. It is universally accepted that the UK is in the midst Product Details
HPV and you 007 £0.15 Once relatively unknown, human papillomavirus (HPV) is now the most common sexually transmitted viral infection (STI) in the UK. As a result of the new vaccine, the profile of this highly infectious STI has increased rapidly over the past year. HPV is the Product Details
Chlamydia and you 006 £0.15 Chlamydia is the most common bacterial sexually transmitted infection (STI) in the UK. In some regions, more than 10 per cent of sexually active young people are infected. Often unaccompanied by any symptoms, chlamydia can lead to the serious complication Product Details
Why save sex? 005 £0.15 All too often teaching aimed at encouraging young people to refrain from sexual intimacy outside marriage is portrayed in a negative way – a matter of ‘just saying no’. However, the fact is that saving sex for marriage is positive and liberating. Product Details

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Results 1 - 20 of 21